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Our mission is the carry the good news of Jesus Christ into the Biker world.

Internationally we reach out with open hands to bikers that will respond to the message of hope that we have found in Jesus Christ. Who became our lord and Savior. We do serve the Biker Community in Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you need help do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you. Be blessed in Jesus Name! We do this with and without words as one wise man once said: „Preach the Gospel 24/7 and if needed use words.“
The Ambassadors for Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry is a service Organization towards the Biker Community around the world. We do offer Biker services, Biker blessings, Prayer, Wedding blessings, Speech at obituaries, Ride outs and lot of other stuff to support you.

-we are here for you!



The Founders Vision:

1. I’m a Christian

2. I’m a Messenger

3. I’m a Biker

Thru my Faith, with my Message and on my Motorcycle, I will ride those Highways and Byways looking for that Biker that will hear my Message and discover his faith in Jesus Christ. And when that happens, he becomes my brother. And as Brothers when we go out and follow the same system we create a brotherhood. I call that Brotherhood the Ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

Hollywood Joe

Founder of Ambassadors for Jesus Christ MM (1999)

What is this …

Motorcyle Ministry and not a MC?

As Ambassadors for Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry, we intend on purpose, not to be an MC. As we still part of the Motorcycle Community and may have internally an „MC like structure“, we do not have any territorial claim, nor we are part of any „business“ or support any Organization. We see ourselves as „support organization“ (ministry) for the Biker Community.

What is a Branch?

Locally in each country we are organized in Branches. A Branch is may similar to a Chapter or a Charter of an MC. With may the difference that we do have Branch leader that coordinate the Branch. They are not carrying the title „President“.

Zu den regionlaen Branches — hier klicken!

International Structure

International Ministry Structure:

World President: Bronx

US President: Bronx

European President (resp. for Europe, CA and AUS): Haemmer

Finland President: Kees

Finland Vice President: Anti

Sweden President: Berth

Germany President: Haemmer

Germany Vive President: Thomas

Austria President: Jimmy

Austria Vide President: Eusi

Australian President: PaulyBoy

Canadian President: n.n.

Resp. for the 503c Organization and the Trademark/ Copy right of our color is the Guebara Family


In 1999 Hollywood Joe Guebara founded the Ambassadors for Jesus Christ MM. On May 25. 2018 he went to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Since that we as Ambassadors for Jesus Christ Motorcycle Ministry wear the Founders Patch as part of our Color.


Zu den Branchleadern

Extended Familie

Die Extended Family sind Menschen, die entweder (noch) nicht verbindliches Mitglied bei den AFJCMM werden wollen, oder es aus irgendwelchen Gründen nicht werden können, z.B. Frauen, kein Motorrad, keine Kutte tragen möchten oder können. Um auch diesen Leuten die Möglichkeit zu geben ein Teil der Gemeinschaft der Ambassadors for Jesus Christ MM werden zu können, haben wir die Extended Family als eine Art, nicht selbständige, Support Organisation ins Leben gerufen, die uns bei unserer Arbeit unterstützt.

Ambassador International

Die Weltweite Organisation wird, seit Juni 2020 durch unseren amtierendenWorld Presidenten Sean „BRONX“ Watt geleitet

Das Ministry in Deutschland ist ein Teil der AFJCMM EUROPE die durch den amtierenden Europa Presidenten „Haemmer“ geleitet wird.

Das Ministry ist in folgenden Ländern vertreten: USA (Motherchapter in Houston, Texas) (1999)

United States

Finnland 2008

Schweden 2008

Canada 2013

Australien 2014

Detuschland 2014

Österreich 2017

Our History

founded in 1999 in Houston, Texas, United Staates of America..

Our Statment of Faith

The Statement of Faith is our Ministry base. Based on this we live out the ministry.


We gladly support your support especially your prayers for us and what we do. We do believe all is based on prayer. Prayer will change the world, also yours, mine and the Biker Scene. Also we offer selected support ware. Check with our organization in the countries.

Die Branch Schleswig-Holstein unterstützt einen Pastor aus Tansania, mit einer 750,00 € Spende zur Anschaffung eines Motorrades. Das Motorrad ermöglicht es ihm seine weitläufige Gemeinde in Tansania besser zu betreuen. ... See MoreSee Less
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Ambassadors for Jesus Christ MM: ein Teil unserer 25-jährigen Geschichte.Unser ehrenwertes Mitglied Master Stongman Dennis Rodger stoppt unsere Harley mit seiner Power, aber es gibt eine, die stärker ist: JESUS ... See MoreSee Less
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Acctual Informationen

Freedom is our religion

Wie jedes Jahr findet auch dieses Jahr wieder unser Fahrt nach Berlin zu einer der spektakulärsten Biker-Demos statt. Start ist am Samstag den...

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Lebensweg Matt

Er war einer von den ganz harten Kerlen. Als Anwärter in einem kriminellen Rockerclub genießt Matt Puckett das Gefühl, sich blind auf die anderen...

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Why we call us Ambassadors for Jesus Christ?

Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God!“

2. Corinthians 5:20


How can I be part of AFJCMM?

„If you be interrested in joining the Ministry, feel free to reach out to us on the Road but you can also fillout the request, and we will contact you“

Hier geht’s zum Formular….

How can I support the AFJCMM and not beeing a member?

We do appriciate your Prayer and finacial Support.

We are a registered non profit Organization in the USA. Under 501c with the EIN: 76-0579511. Principal Officer’s Name: Cortney GUEBARA.

Since 1999 we do fly our Color.

Biker Weddings, Biker Blessings, Biker Churches

If you be interrested in a Biker Wedding, our Ministers are more than willing to bless you.

New Season, New Bike, yes we do bless Bikers and ask our allmighty God for protection. See us on the Road…

Yes we do Biker Services and Biker Church Meetings. Contact the local organization for more information

Meet us on Rallys

Since our beginning in the US we do have booths on rallies. If you have a rally and looking for a booth there that will truly bless all at your rally. Ask us we are more than willing to step in the gap!

You got Support Stuff?

Yes we do.

Each Country does may have some Support Ware. Please contact the local organzation or see us on the Rallys

This is our international 20 Year Support Longsleeve










for that longsleeve contact us under this Mailaddy

How you come that you belive in God?

Well, we all have a history. We were not born the way we are today. For some of us it was a long way to reach the point that they realized that they are in a need of a savior to have their sins forgiven and being granted of a second change to have a real relationship with our creator. The best is to ask our members about their journey.

Can you preach at my home church?

Shure we love to to so. Just contact the local organization.

Be blessed


Helping with the last steps on earth

Life is sometimes very hard. In these days you may need somebody that you can talk to or even say some words at the funeral of your loved once. Our members are skilled to do so. Just contact the local organization. We are here to help.